VTT 8V RS3/8S TTRS Silicone Charge pipes

VTT 8V RS3/8S TTRS Silicone Charge pipes

This is the very best charge pipe solution for the Audi 8V RS3 platform from Vargas Turbocharger Technologies. This system completely does away with the restrictive, and multi-connection stock charge pipe system, and replaces it with two single 6-ply, Heat Resistant, Wire reinforced silicone charge pipes rated at over 200 psi. They are molded for the perfect fit in your engine bay, while not sacrificing anything in the way of flow or size. They also completely isolate your charge air from any additional heat soak coming in from the engine or ambient heat.

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The stock hot side pipe is aluminum, and bolts to the engine block. Engine heat is transferred into the pipe and thus the charged air flowing through it. The intercooler has to cool a much hotter charge resulting in higher IAT’s then if the extra heat soak was not introduced. On the cold side, the pipe is plastic has a very irregular shape which can cause turbulence right before the throttle body and is also bolted to the Transmission, introducing heat soak into the charge air after it has been cooled by the intercooler, and inducted into the engine. This also will result in higher IATs. These silicone charge pipes resist heat and are not attached to the engine outside of the connection to the turbo outlet, and TB inlet. Thus avoiding the transfer of heat. Another huge benefit is your vehicle goes from 4 connections on each pipe to TWO. Meaning you now have half of the possible locations for a clamp to be blown off rendering you with no boost.

There are other options on the market, but they only address the problem in half measures. Some offer silicone connectors that attached to the factory pipes and promise a fix for blowing off the stock hoses, but they do nothing to address the heat soak issue or the number of connections needed. Others completely replace the stock pipes but leave the stock connectors in place, AND they still attach to the engine with metal pipes. These claim to get rid of the factory restrictions but do nothing to solve the heat soak issue, nor reduce the numbers of connections. This kit solves ALL of those problems and does so at a lower cost.

Dimensions for the pipes are as follows:

Hot Side Pipe: 55mm or 2.16″ on the connection to the turbo outlet opening up immediately to 70mm or 2.75″ and remaining to 2.75″ to the intercooler inlet.

Cold Side Pipe: 70mm or 2.75″ at the intercooler outlet opening up to 76mm or 3″ all the way into the throttle body

The kit includes:

  • VTT Hot Side Silicone Charge pipe
  • VTT Cold Side Silicone Charge pipe
  • 4 Liner clamps specifically designed to not cut silicone, and thin enough fit behind the beads on the intercooler so they will never blow off.
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