Tired of DSG oil spewing all over your engine on hard launches? This kit will fix that issue at a low price and look great while doing it. What is happening is the fluid gets hot and expands there is a breather on top of the trans, and if the fluid expands enough it is pushed out of the breather up the tube, and out the vent onto your engine. This kit prevents that by allowing the fluid to be pushed up into the can while hot, and drain back into the trans once it cools down. As with our Engine catch can these use our already extremely popular modular catch can, and couples it with a custom CNC 6061 bracket, VTT -6AN to barbed fitting.

This is the perfect complement to our RS3 engine side catch can, as they mirror each other in the engine bay.

Kit Break down is as follows:

  • One Catch Can
  • One CNC 6061 bracket
  • One -6AN to barbed fitting

Please contact us for pricing.