This kit uses our already extremely popular modular catch can, and couples it with a custom CNC 6061 bracket, VTT CNC banjo fittings, VTT 5 ply silicone hose, and Push lock fittings. Install is simple, takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your skill level, and requires removing one factory hose to install the VTT hoses. Each hose is left slightly long for a cut to fit install as shorter or longer hoses will be needed depending on what turbo inlet tube you are running 4″, 3.5″, 3″, Factory, etc.

Kit Break down is as follows:

  • One Catch Can
  • One CNC 6061 bracket
  • Two -10 Low Profile CNC Banjo Fittings
  • Two -10 VTT 5-Ply silicone Vacuum hoses
  • Two -10 Push Lock Fittings
  • Two spring clamps
  • Available with an optional Drain fitting, allowing quick draining

Please contact us for pricing.