Stage 2 – MULTIMAP!

  • Custom remap on our 4×4 dyno
  • Power graphs of your car
  • Test drive with mogs if needed
  • Emission standards are maintained

To book an appointment please contact us.

Performance +100 HP

235 HP → 335 HP

Torque +130 Nm

310Nm → 440 Nm


  • Air intake
  • Complete exhaust
  • Option: reinforced diverter valve FORGE
  • Custom Remap

Level 2 is the modification of the intake and/or exhaust. Please note that in some levels there may be some deviation. This is why we always specify what exactly is adjusted.

We want to inform you that in this level, there might be power and/or torque generated exceeding the manufacturer’s tolerance. If this is the case, we replace other parts, such as a reinforced diverter valve, clutch, etc. to guarantee reliability and safety.

It’s important to know that during this stage we adjust parts that can affect the emissions that are legally not ok.